Specimen Literature - illustrative articles and papers:

(1)'The Forensic Systems Analysis Methodology', June 1999, Stephen Castell, submitted for publication in The Expert (Journal of the British Academy of Experts).

(2) 'Software: hard evidence. Stephen Castell says the key to unravelling computer software disputes is understanding what is meant by "software quality"', Experts: IT Systems, Stephen Castell, Legal Week, 29 April 1999, page 25.

(3) 'The Millennium Bug: Well of course it's a Software Fault but is it Contractually a Material Defect ?', Stephen Castell. Presentation given at the 'Millennium Bug: Who will pay the price ?' Meeting and 'Mock Trial', co-sponsored by Berrymans Lace Mawer, Solicitors; The Institution of Electrical Engineers; and the Law Specialist Group of the British Computer Society, and held at the IEE, Savoy Place, London, 12 January 1999.

(4) 'Are mission critical computer systems creating litigation ?', Stephen Castell, IN BRIEF, November/December 1998, page 45.

(5) 'Computer Litigation - Somewhere in Your Future ?', Stephen Castell, Information Security Bulletin, Volume 3, Issue 4, June 1998, Page 23ff.:

(6) 'COURT IN THE ACT', Computer Weekly, 13 February 1997: "Who is to blame for the year 2000 problem and why should lawyers really care when they are likely to get paid huge sums for arguing the toss ? Shan Kelly reports on the battle lines being drawn over year 2000 liability…who is responsible for the fact that most computers don't understand four-digit dates ?"